Registration with a qualified electronic certificate

A user signed in with a qualified electronic certificate can also enable themselves the other two available methods of sign-in:

  • sign-in with the ConsentID mobile application (high level of reliability)
  • sign-in with a username and password (basic level of reliability)

Detailed instructions explaining how to register with a qualified electronic certificate can be downloaded here.

Detailed instructions for registering with a qualified electronic certificate for non-residents can be downloaded here.


For the correct use of qualified electronic certificates, it is mandatory to install the software of the certification authority that issued you the certificate, because without it it is not possible to use qualified electronic certificates. The software is available on the website of the certification authority.

Certification authorities that issue qualified electronic certificates in the Republic of Serbia are:

Certification Authority of the Office for IT and eGovernment.

Certification Authority of the Ministry of the Interior - each issued ID card with a chip.

Certification Authority PE Post of Serbia.

Certification Authority Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Certification Authority HALCOM.

Certification Authority E-Smart Systems DOO Belgrade.

Each certification authority has posted on its website instructions and necessary steps for the successful software installation.