Who is an eCitizen?

Any citizen of the Republic of Serbia who has a valid biometric document (ID card or passport) and is over 16 years of age can become an eCitizen, as well as a foreign national who has temporary residence or permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia.

Based on a single account on the eID Portal, an eCitizen can access all related portals: eGovernment Portal, LTA, eHealth, My eGradebook, eInvoice and My First Salary.

eCitizen has three methods of signing in available:

  • 1. Username and password
  • 2. With the ConsentID mobile application
  • 3. With a qualified electronic certificate

eCitizens have at their disposal the eMailbox of the eGovernment Portal for electronic delivery of documents as well as application for signing documents in the cloud.

eCitizen who has activated the ConsentID mobile application and a qualified electronic certificate in the cloud can electronically sign documents without readers and cards. eCitizen is not tied to a computer, but can access eGovernment from their mobile device.


Become an eCitizen


Register a user account

You can register online by yourself on the eID Portal:

  • With a username and password, by attaching a read, scanned or photographed personal document (passport or ID card)

  • With a qualified electronic certificate

You can also register at the counter of the registration authority


Activate the ConsentID mobile application

  • Download the ConsentID mobile application

  • Activate the ConsentID mobile application by scanning the QR code or enter the activation codes manually

You can download the activation codes and QR code for the activation of the ConsentID mobile application at the counter of one of the registration authorities or on the website Issuing activation codes when you sign in with a qualified electronic certificate.


Activate a qualified electronic certificate in the cloud

After activating the ConsentID mobile application, you can online by yourself activate a qualified electronic certificate in the cloud. More information about the qualified certificate for electronic signature in the cloud and signing documents in the cloud is available here.