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Login with the ConsentID mobile application

- High level of reliability -

Login with the ConsentID mobile application represents a high level of trust in the user's identity and is referred to as a high level of trust login. Users who log in in this way can access all services, issue themselves a qualified electronic certificate in the cloud and electronically sign documents in the cloud. The advantage of this way of logging in is that users do not need qualified electronic certificates on smart cards or tokens, but an installed application on their smart devices (mobile phone or tablet).

 See the list of counters where it is possible to get parameters for the ConsentID mobile application here. You can see a map of all locations here.

If you choose this login method, you need to download the ConsentID application.

Scan the QR code to start the application installation ConsentID on your mobile phone or tablet.

The application is available for Android and iOS users via:

Instructions for installing the ConsentID mobile application are available here.

A guide to signing up with the ConsentID mobile app is available here.

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